Monday, May 12, 2014

9 Designers for NOAH

NOAH is an association that's fighting against cruelty against animals. Without trying to proselytise people they are trying to make them aware of the matter of cruelty against animals with loud and colourful campaigns. Publishers, agencies, designers and photographers support them and are working for NOAH without fee. For the first time now NOAH is running a charity campaign with well-known fashion designers. Under the motto „Pelz bekämpfen und dennoch einen Nerz tragen? Nein, denn NOAH lanciert eine Special-Edition von Friesennerzen“ (Fighting fur and wearing a mink nevertheless? No, because NOAH launches a special edition of "Friesenmink" - Friesenmink is a German word for slickers, worn in the rainy North of Germany). Over 50 designers have been asked for the project but only a few of them didn't hesitate - showing that the fashion industry is still very hesitant to position itself against fur and cruelty against animals. At the end the following labels supported the project now: Anja Gockel, byGraziela, Hoffnungsträger, ica Watermelon, rebekka ruétz, Sissi Goetze, soós, Umasan and Vladimir Karaleev. The unique items are available now on, the high-end eco fashion shop of actress Inez Bjørg David. The complete proceeds go to NOAH, Menschen für Tiere e.V.