Monday, June 17, 2013

ambacherVIDIC Bridal Couture

ambacherVIDIC is a Hamburg-based label that creates sophisticated, individual wedding dresses that combine traditional artisanry with a contemporary fashion statement. The designers behind the label are Eleni Vidic and Jochen Ambacher who due to their long standing experience possess outstanding technical know-how, a high level of creativity and a distinctive feel for aesthetics. They're inspired by fine arts and music as well as impressions from the big metropolises. The ambacherVIDIC creations combine luxurious elegance and modern silhouettes with extensive, manual processing technologies. Traditional couture elements like drapings, embroideries, sophisticated cuts and the use of unusual material combinations make each piece of the collection a one of a kind. The colour palette ranges from bright white to nude shades. All styles are fitted to the individual measurements of each bride and detailed, personal consultation and examination of the customers vision are an integral part of the philosophy of ambacherVIDIC. The focus lies on highlighting the personality and individuality of the wearer therefore the creations cover a wide stylistic spectrum from corsage dresses to expressive, asymmetrical silhouettes to clean, reduced cuts. For the perfect overall picture the hair style and shoes and accessories are included in the counseling concept. Furthermore customers also have the possibility to make contact with professional make up artists and photographers. After all the bride needs to look perfect doesn't she!?