Monday, May 13, 2013

mongrels in common ­ Fall/Winter 2013‏

The mongrels in common collection for fall/winter 2013 is named “Marlene Dietrich on the Road with a Gaucho” and I'm pretty sure that Marlene would have loved it. Masculine elegance meets sporty biker details - a modern interpretation of the Marlene Dietrich look. The designers Livia Ximénez-Carrillo and Christine Pluess dress Marlene Dietrich in a simple smoking dress, blazer with smoking lapel or a biker coat with coppery zipper details at the sleeves and stitched fake leather. This season volume is at the top combined with skinny biker pants and neoprene like pencil skirts. Also the collarless olive gaucho coat with big attached pockets looks best with a skinny silhouette. The classic silk blouse has been developed further into gaucho shirt-blouses and loose fitting poncho blouses with camouflageesque prints. Here are photos from the lookbook.