Monday, May 27, 2013

Graanmarkt13 restaurant presents renewed food concept

Graanmarkt13 restaurant has renewed food concept under direction of Chef Seppe Nobels. The preparations are healthy and light with the emphasis on seasonal and regional cuisine. Fish from the North Sea is selected according to what’s on offer on the market. Meat is procured from carefully selected regional suppliers. Vegetables come from the field. Nature is very important: animals and plants deserve to be raised in a respectable manner. Graanmarkt13 offers a daily varying choice of fish, meat or vegetarian dishes ‘to share’ for lunch. For dinner there is a 3-course menu, which changes frequently. And as appetizers there are several small dishes to share. To be able to guarantee even fresher products Graanmarkt13 starts with city agriculture: 40 m2 of herbs and vegetables in the garden and on the roof. Good pollination is a necessity to bear a rich crop and that is what the bees, placed in between the herbs and vegetables in bee hives, are responsible for. To further explain the importance of bees Graanmarkt13 and bee-keep organize active workshops under the guidance of Rik Janssens. During a honey dinner or lunch he does not only explain the life of bees, but every participant gets to wear a bee-keepers’ s hood and is shown the bee hives to link practice to theory. Special work shop will be organized during the honey harvest to let participants join in harvesting honey from the hives, removing the caps and extracting the honey from the frames via a spinning machine.