Monday, April 22, 2013

Project 104 - an exciting new limited edition British swimwear label‏

Project 104 is an exciting new brand to enter the swimwear market specialising in limited edition swimwear made entirely in the UK. It is the only brand to offer multi functional fashion swimwear, individually numbered for a unique look inspired by British edgy print-heavy aesthetic. Their first collection is called "My Body, My Shrine". Our bodies are supposed to be temples yet we endlessly fill it with rubbish. This debut collection explores the irony of this through vibrant photographic imagery. The concept is that only 104 of each will ever be produced to deliver highly desirable, quality, limited edition pieces. Project 104 just started out and so their website is still under construction. Once it's up I'll let you know. I like the witty bold prints on the swimsuits, wearing them definitely makes you stand out at the beach or the pool. Would you be brave enough for that?