Monday, April 1, 2013

Jonathan Jeremiah is the new Brand Ambassador for Kuyichi

The Dutch green fashion label Kuyichi recently announced that British singer-songwriter Jonathan Jeremiah is their new brand ambassador. According to the brand Jonathan Jeremiah exudes passion and authenticity, but also has the right down to Earth-attitude, which fits well with their image. Jonathan Jeremiah told Style Today: “I try as much as possible the environmental aspect is where possible. As an artist it is sometimes difficult course with flying and driving, but in other ways I wear my part,”. “What Kuyichi doing in the area of ​​sustainability, I can only respect and support this I like.” The result of this cooperation can be seen in various music videos like the video to the new single 'Gold Dust'. Furthermore Jonathan will also be the face of upcoming campaigns of the denim brand. Besides the cooperation with Jeremiah the brand will also be working together with Ubuntu, a street organization that supports children in South Africa. The project will be announced soon.