Sunday, February 3, 2013

Patricia Field at Fashion Net Education Center Düsseldorf

Yesterday afternoon I was at Fashion Net Education Center in Düsseldorf - an event that offers exciting lecture, lively discussions and interesting workshops. There was a knitting workshop and guests were able to create their own cologne with 4711. 4711's Muriel Portier explained the success story of the company between tradition and modern spirit, Cecilia Palmer talked about open source strategies and upcycling in fashion and Verena and Jörg Röthlingshöfer introduced their concept that supports the elderly and makes the customers happy. Rita in Palma's Ann-Kathrin Carstensen spoke about crocheting and integration and how you can set trends with Turkish handcraft. A non-fashion topic was the story of the new organic tea drink 'all I need' that was created by Alexander Jiresch. Designer Kilian Kerner talked with Wolfgang Hein, Project Manager Fashion Net e.V., about the history of his label, 'Designer for Tomorrow Award' winner Alexandra Kiesel explained her building blocks concept and reported from her meeting with Marc Jacobs and Sarah Büren and Sonja Hodzode told the story of their label Blame that's based on nostalgia and vintage. The absolute highlight of course was the talk between MTV/ZDF neo host Palina Rojinski and style icon Patricia Field who came extra for the event from New York. In an entertaining discussion the two style queens spoke about gos and no-gos when it comes to styling and Patricia Field told some anecdotes of her decades long career, many of them of course related to our favourite TV show Sex and the City. The quintessence of the conversation is: "Style does not have an age". 

Here are my photos: