Saturday, February 16, 2013


One of the brands I discovered at Panorama fashion fair in Berlin is Maanii, a Scandinavian design label based in Copenhagen. Maanii is a bag label that was established in 2008 as a part of the Adax house. The bags in the fall 2013 collection are made of calfskin and the design focuses on simplicity and raw details. The brand holds on to the traditional craftsmanship during production and the quality is important, an inheritance from Adax. Naja Silfen is the girl behind the brand, she graduated from BEC design Copenhagen in 2008, the same year Maanii was founded. To strengthen the brand and develop the design Naja invites young upcoming designers to create lines within the collection. Salma Lamai and Elise Born - one of the girls from - have both contributed to the fall/winter 2013 collection. For fall 2013 the overall inspiration has been the contrasts between leather and structure. Both in terms of different kinds of leather and snake print, metal chain on super soft calf leather and in different colour tones put together.