Tuesday, February 5, 2013

M / G for TASAKI‏

M/G Tasaki is Melanie Georgacopoulos' new directional collection for the fall/winter 2013 season. Produced in exclusive collaboration with the fine Japanese jewellery company, currently under the creative direction of Thakoon Panichgul, the new collection brings together Melanie's flair to cross design boundaries with Tasaki's world renowned quality craftsmanship stamp. M/G Tasaki is based on the Greek-French jewellery designer's fascination with the pearl's unique organic nature, which is infused with qualities of both fragility and robustness. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2007, Melanie has been passionate about exploring this dual symbolism in her designs and produces modern iconic jewellery that escapes the aesthetic confines of the classic pearl necklace. M/G Tasaki is the new sophisticated capsule collection based on her trademark 'sliced' series and produced in Japan by Tasaki using the highest quality material and finest processing technologies. It introduces the designer's unique technique - cutting through the pearl centre to expose its inner surface - as the binding concept of her work. M/G Tasaki is a statement-making but beautifully wearable line featuring bold pieces brought together by the dramatic interaction between metal and organic material. The sliced and dissected pearls reveal beautiful inner forms and qualities that will playfully shock and intrigue the sophisticated contemporary woman. The line features pieces with sliced polished surfaces, pearls dissected and bound together in fanned adjacent strings, draped chain necklaces with dark peacock pearls that unravel into robust architectural forms; bibs made out of pure white pearls strung together like fabric; earrings and rings of pearls encased in gold. Darkness and robustness is contrasted with fragility and purity throughout this lush juxtaposition of texture and colour. M/G Tasaki will be launched during this season's London and Paris fashion week.