Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Rock Sunglasses in the Winter Months

When we think of sunglasses, it always conjures up the image of sunny skies and baking heat. They are our best friend when summer is in full swing, and then we pack them away safely for the next year’s sunny season to be our faithful companion once more. It is, however, possible to continue on with your sunglasses-wearing well into the winter months – if you do it right.
It is a little known fact that the harmful UV rays of the sun can double in winter because the sun is situated lower in the sky. So above everything else you are protecting your peepers from UV damage if you continue to wear your sunglasses in rain and snow too. Your shades also protect your eyes from dust and debris if it is a day when the winds are blustery.
It's such a small accessory, you wouldn’t think that sunglasses could be that important to appearance but studies have shown the increase in perceiving coolness can be directly linked to this tiny addition to your ensemble. An article on the findings of research into the coolness of sunglasses was reported in The Guardian in 2011, highlighting that they suggest power and mystique.
So why should this perception of power and mystique be limited to a certain period of the year? Why can’t we throw caution to the wind and don the mighty sunglasses year-round? With the eye health and cool aspects alone, it is well worth giving out-of-season sunglasses-wearing a go.
2013 accessory trends are set to be huge and all the top designers are bringing out sunglasses that are large and outrageous. With round styles such as Vivienne Westwood sunglasses (I got mine from Red Hot Sunglasses – linked here) and the intensely decorated frames of Prada, it's all about the drama of making your shades stand out as a fashion piece in their own right. There aren’t many rules involved in getting this right and for the most part it is all about your attitude while wearing them.
A simple tip to keeping things classy and fashion-forward is to never wear sunglasses indoors. You don’t want to be THAT GUY. If there is no need to be wearing them then just don’t. While walking through snow-covered streets there is still UV rays harming your eyes and when driving it is essential
not to succumb to the blindness that a glare can provide, so these situations welcome a pair of sunglasses. Sitting in a shady corner of a pub with your shades on, does not. Unless you are going for the harassed celebrity look then take off the eyewear when you step inside, or run the risk of judging eyes from onlookers. The choice is yours.