Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen grew up in the north of Norway and began making one-of-a-kind jewellery whilst living in India in 2004. With a background from the arts, she has upheld a nomadic lifestyle, always drifting towards new corners of the world in search of inspiration. Bjørg releases two collections per year. The Classic collection has its foundationin silver, diamonds and precious stones whilst the Odyssey collection represents new directions through its foundation in bronze. All materials are 100 % natural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation. A trademark is the use of rough precious stones and crafted metal textures. All pieces are handmade and all materials are 100 % natural and obtained in accordance to environmental preservation.
Reflecting on the eternal change and perpetual flux of nature, the 2013 Odyssey collection from Bjørg is a visual scenario of colours and materials merging and melting. Precious specimens and vibrant opals grew from dark metals, wooden shapes and textures meet luminous substances, liquids and psychedelic colours. All blending and transmuting into new forms and nuances. Encapsulating the playful and surrealistic signature expression, this year's Odyssey collection also transmutes the seemingly contradictory states of dream and reality.

Photography: Matias & Mathias
Hair & Make-up: Tina Kristoffersen
Models: Lykke /MIKAS & Albert /SCOOP