Sunday, January 27, 2013

Swarovski Elements supports Yiqing Yin's Fashion Show‏

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS once again joins forces with fashion designer Yiqing Yin. After the successful SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 2012 ad campaign featuring the talented designer, the company supported her latest fashion show which took place in Paris on the 23rd of January 2013 and included stunning and cutting edge looks made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. Yiqing Yin patiently continues to develop her thoughts about time that makes things grow and decompose, and about ties that bind and break with a fashion show that combines her designer and ready-to-wear lines. Inspired by artist and architect, Naum Gabo - who’s almost immaterial sculptures with parabolic, large volumes occupy space without filling it - her spectacular designer dresses are infinitely graceful, yet unsettling. The clothes fit the body like a second skin, as if they come from the body itself to surround it in mobile suspension, in levitation. Flesh and fabric entwine embroideries with Swarovski Elements crystals and beads appear as precious growth from the skin, revealing a new reality. Yiqing Yin creates a common thread between soft and structured, textile and metal, chance and necessity. It is the thread of a story, memory, thought. The thread is sometimes lost, sometimes tight or sometimes left dangling. The fine thread that, along with others, ends up woven, knotted, braided to become something solid. However, when it is pulled, it frays, unweaving the fabric and the story. The idea becomes a narrative of embroidered threads, using metallic iron bandages sculpted by the artist, Nora Renaud, designed in collaboration with Yiqing Yin. Thread embroideries are omnipresent. They are on dresses as well as veils that cover faces, redefining their features, duplicating and blurring their identity to reveal another. Threads fall on cheeks like tears. They seem to have been placed in a random way.

All photos: Yiqing Yin SS13 Couture Show