Thursday, January 3, 2013

Acne Studios Aoyama‏

Due to all the pre-holiday stress I wasn't able to post very much last month and so I share some things here with a little delay. I guess many of you already heard or read the news that Acne opened their first Acne Studios in Japan on December 14th in Aoyama Tokyo but as I really love the store concept I share it here anyway. According to Acne's Jonny Johansson the concept was to morph a modern Swedish house within the 260 square meter retail location to create a little Swedish home on the other side of the world, offering something which is a total Stockholm experience. Acne Studios Aoyama will carry Acne Studios Women’s, Men’s, denim and accessories collections on three floors, with the men’s ready-to-wear, denim and accessories on the basement floor, the women’s ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes on the ground floor and women’s denim on the first floor. The word collage is very important when it comes to the store materials. For Acne Studios Aoyama juxtaposing textures and materials such as pop dyed wood, stone and new age stones such as blue granite hoping to emulate the Swedish summer light were collaged. Interior colours range from pale pink, to Yves Klein blue, to grey and black. They also worked with transparent partitions which both reveal and conceal,constrain and liberate – a sort of sexy Swedish thing.