Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Julian Zigerli Spring/Summer 2013

Julian Zigerli's film for his spring/summer 2013 collection 'My Daddy Was A Military Pilot' entered the competition of the 5th edition of Diane Pernet's 'A Shaded View on Fashion Film Festival'. The festival will take place at Centre Pompidou Paris from November 09-11. 
Inspiration for 'My Daddy Was A Military Pilot' was Zigerli's dad who was a pilot and whose classic uniforms and bags have been newly interpreted by Zigerli. To prepare for the collection Julian Zigerli also watched the action movie 'Top Gun' with Tom Cruise. With 'My Daddy Was A Military Pilot' Zigerli is cooperating with Berlin-based artist Fabian Fobbe. He referenced water in the design of the fabrics and his prints can be associated with light that's refracted by water. 'My Daddy Was A Military Pilot' is a tribute to technics, speed and the breaking of limits. 
I got to see the collection during fashion week in Berlin this July and I can only recommend to take a closer look at Zigerli, especially if you're interested in individual menswear.