Monday, October 15, 2012

Sonja Heymann Jewellery

Sonja Heymann is a Düsseldorf-based trained gold smith and jewellery designer who launched her first collection called 'Contrarios' in 2011 and aside from that also creates one-of-a-kind pieces upon request. Her personal credo is „I try to leave behind as little damage to this world as possible.“, words she heard on TV from a man who's name is forgotten but who's words remained secured within her thoughts, her heart and her actions. After her training in the goldsmiths workshop Dahmen in Düsseldorf from 2003 until 2006 Sonja spent several months in Colombia where she attended a course in filigree jewellery - influences that still charaterize her creations today. 5€ per sold piece of jewellery will be donated to the OekoAndina association, a foundation that campaigns for better living conditions in South America, as well as the promotion of renewable energies, sustainable agriculture and ecological mining. All gemstones and precious metals used in the collection come from fair production without intermediate trade, allowing workers to be adequately compensated. Said materials were fabricated under environmentally compatible and socially responsible conditions (no child labour, no support of wars, no use of tropical wood), or recycled material was used. In addition, the jewellery pieces are made exclusively in Germany. Cards and jewellery packagings are also made in Germany, since sustainability plays an important role in the crafting of Sonja's jewellery. Because we do not live in, but with this world!
The 'Contrarios' collection is round and squared, shiny and matt, playful and massive - standards are questioned and familiar proportions are broken at the same time a big portion of green glamour is exuded. The gems used for this 14-piece collection come from a Brasilian mine, one of the very few that's operated without child labour and also all other raw materials used are 100% fair trade. The eight earrings, two necklaces and four rings that make up the collection have been handcrafted with a lot of love for detail that results in expressive pieces that will definitely attract a lot of attention. 'Contrarios' is a jewellery collection that makes the world a little better and a lot more beautiful!