Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Aaron Rose Starring Annabelle Dexter-Jones as 'THE GALLERINA' for 81hours for Fall/Winter 2012/13

As part of the current F/W Campaign 2012, 81hours portrays the exciting everyday life of a "Gallerina"! This profession is currently highly adorable. Art curator, writer, filmmaker and icon Aaron Rose explains: “Gallerinas have the unique position, that requires them to be ‘cool’ enough to deal with eccentric artists, yet ’intellectual’ enough to deal with collectors and critics. I feel this kind of personality is a perfect match for 81hours”. Who could portray a Gallerina more authentically than an artist’s muse who has been inhaling, living and feeling this environment for years? Annabelle Dexter-Jones, with her incomparable grace and coolness was therefore the perfect choice. Fab Annabelle is not only the New York socialite from the Ronson Clan and muse of fashion and art darling André Saraiva, with whom she is – surprise, surprise – also romantically linked, above all she is a passionate and one of the most promising young actresses. Frenchman André operates a number of “in”-clubs and -hotels in Paris and NY - and at the same time is Creative Director of the magazine L´Officiel Hommes. The actress qualification was crucial for filmmaker Aaron Rose. Besides the Gallerina production, his art film lives of a breathtaking location and the expressive poetic language which represents a real challenge for the protagonist. The Gallerina. Art Film and “Artspeak“. “Sometimes abstract, often hilarious and actually quite touching“ – as Rose puts it. 81hours has again succeeded in realizing another campaign with its favorite artist Aaron Rose. Shooting and filming took place in the MOCA LA! (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) and leads the viewer through the exhibition: THE PAINTING FACTORY: ABSTRACTION AFTER WARHOL.