Tuesday, September 25, 2012


032c WORKSHOP / Joerg Koch is pleased to present “Makak,” a new jewelry collection by PRIM by MICHELLE ELIE. Inspired by Claude Lévi-Strauss’ anthropological travel memoir Tristes Tropiques, pre-colonial mythologies and Elie’s own Haitian roots, “Makak” represents a material fusion, as well as a cultural one. The unique, hand-made pieces contain silver, gold, wood, bone, leather, and plastic; they reflect an unconscious terrain of the early days of “discovery” in the West Indies, of continents untouched by modern man, subject only to the wonders of the jungle. The designs conjure in equal part Louise Bourgeois’ Maman spider and the phallic sheaths of the Amazonian Mundé. Their animal presence plays with our notion of what is delicate,and what is strong, what is feminine, and what is masculine. 
The jewelry is on show until October 4th at 032c Workshop, Brunnenstraße 11, Berlin.

The 23rd issue of 032c "COUNTRYSIDE" is also out since two weeks and features Rem Koolhaas who finally turns his attention from the metropolis to the countryside; Hedi Slimane photographs rags to riches sculptor Thomas Houseago; Wolfgang Tillmans hanging with the Pet Shop Boys; Alasdair McLellan doing the Victoria & Alber; and a lot more.
Here's a flip through video of the issue