Monday, July 9, 2012

The Three Types of Swimwear For Guys

Girls have it easy when it comes to fashion. There are hundreds of shops, both online and on the high street, bursting with girl’s clothes and shoes. The level of choice is almost unbelievable. For guys, they are usually relegated to a little corner with a few odd items to choose from. It’s even true when it comes to swimwear. The girls have loads of choice. There are one pieces and bikinis in all different styles and colours of the rainbow. For us guys, the choice is slightly more narrow. There are three main options: the brief, swimsuit boxers and board shorts.
Briefs are quite hard to pull off (we don’t mean literally). It takes a brave man with a great physique to really look good in a pair of briefs. Beckham may be able to manage it, but for us normal folk it’s usually a leap too far. For many, they bring back bad memories of being a kid and your mum forcing you to wear them. But if they work for you then go for it.
Swimsuit boxers
Like a pair of boxer briefs these are the half way house between a revealing brief and a solid boxer short. Again, they work great if you are comfortable with your body or if you really love swimming. Very popular on the continent, they are fast becoming big over here too. And if you want to fit in abroad, these are the swimmers for you.
Board shorts
These are the men’s swimwear of choice for most of us. They look like normal shorts, are very comfortable and come in a range of different colours and styles. They also look like normal shorts, so you can wear them all the time. Traditionally worn by surfers (and who doesn’t’ want to look like a surfer?) board shorts are probably the most practical type of swimwear for guys and they are also the number one choice for guys who don’t happen to look like underwear models, which is probably most of us.
So, there’s your choice guys. It doesn’t seem to be such a hard one to make. Ultimately, you know what makes you feel most comfortable so just go for that. That’s what choosing clothes should always be about. Maybe having less choice is a good thing after all because it makes it much easier to make a decision.