Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HANNES KETTRITZ Spring/Summer 2013

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin HANNES KETTRITZ presented his spring/summer 2013 collection "Shells of Silver". The Berlin-based menswear label combined fresh colours like alga, bright red and coral with basics like white, black and various shades of grey. The collection was inspired by nature and so for example the amorphous yet straight oyster served as an inspiration for asymmetry mixed with geometric shapes which results in unusual outlines. Clean cuts characterize the collection that is coined by purism loosened with clever details. Some pieces come with transparent cut-outs and display subjacent pockets and excellent workmanship. HANNES KETTRITZ also played with details, for example at the collars, and mixed PVC-film with fabric which results in a modern aesthetics that emphasizes transparency and lightness and reminds again of the nature. Only a year after their fashion week debut HANNES KETTRITZ presented an inspiring and multifaceted menswear collection that got them noticed. It's not for everybody but it's certainly for the guys who cultivate an individual style. Just like the models that walked the runway for HANNES KETTRITZ.