Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bread & Butter: THE ROCK‏

At Bread & Butter last week we - the guests and exhibitors - celebrated the return of the denim! After seemingly endless seasons of chinos it was time for our all time favourite to make a big comeback and what would be a better place for that than BBB with it's Denim Base!? Even though some of the big players were missing this time which caused a lot of buzz in the business there was no time to mourn because newcomers totally made up for that. To worship the (not always) blue wonder there was the Berlin-Tempel of Denim located in the Denim Base where various brands like CLOSED, Denham, JOE's, Japan Blue or patrick mohr presented their jeans collections. If one needed a break from all the denims and washings the Luna Park offered great opportunities to relax, get something to eat and to drink or a massage. Tom Tailor Polo entertained sports and horse lovers with a polo tournament and there's always the Treasury for the ones who love to shop individual things.