Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Billie Ray Martin collaborates with Felipe Rojas Llanos

Emerging designer Felipe Rojas Llanos, fresh from showing at London Men’s Collections, collaborates with ‘the queen of electronic soul’ Billie Ray Martin on her new movie project ‘Five Takes’, which is released as a deluxe DVD this September. Rojas Llanos, known for taking aspects of women’s couture and transcending them into his menswear, designed all of the costumes worn by Billie in the five individual movies that form ‘Five Takes’. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests, the project features five distinct variations of the song ‘On Borrowed Time’, which deals with Andy’s fictional confession, where he reflects on his existence and a life he always experienced as less than real. The movies were shot against a backdrop of Warhol prints and photographs at Berlin’s Art’otel, with Felipe’s clothes being selected as Billie felt they were an androgynous dream, and having all the ‘60s flair that she was looking for. To choose a men’s range was not strange for Billie as she mostly wears men’s clothing, usually having them altered to fit her vision. All pieces were custom-made for Billie and are taken from Felipe’s AW11 collection, entitled ‘In The Hall of The Mountain King’. The collection was inspired by a scene from Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger’s movie ‘The Red Shoes’, where the character Victoria is about to be appointed the ballet’s prima ballerina. Victoria is seen walking up a grand staircase, wearing a huge turquoise dress and cape and tiara, contrasting with her bronze red hair. It’s an image that has stayed with Felipe since his teenage years and so he decided to create a collection as an ode to the ballet and the graciousness of its performer. He used scoop necks to present the gracious necklines, silhouetted trousers and dramatic, voluminous shapes with the colour palette being dominated by black, but with turquoise and red to reference the movie. The white silk coat that Billie wears is the most luxurious piece Felipe made for his SS11 collection, titled ‘Legion’ where he sought to create a mood of futuristic simplicity with water inspired textures. Made of luxurious Italian Duchesse silk, it’s a half kimono and half raglan coat with couture details at the front fastening. The five films were directed by Joern Hartmann and present Billie on authentically aged celluloid, with flicks, dust and double exposures. Billie: “Of course, my brief was to do something inspired by Screen Tests, but Joern researched what old film material looked like when exposed to light, left sitting on shelves too long etc. He then went to get the effects he needed and created his own variations on the given themes.”

Billie Ray Martin's "Five Takes (A Song About Andy) will be released on September 10th, 2012. For more visit: billieraymartin.com/mart