Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1913Berlin by Yujia Zhai-Petrow Spring/Summer 2013

I started Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin with a presentation by 1913 Berlin which took place in the Studio in the tent. The label has been founded in 2009 by designer Yujia Zhai-Petrow who always had an interest in cashmere which shows in her collections and is sort of the central point of it. For spring/summer 2013, 1913 Berlin is taking it to the streets with its superfine cashmere separates for men and women. The frisson between the future and the past, the tension between East and West knit a journey with fine yarns. Garments with the spirit of adventure are named after avenues, boulevards and neighborhoods in some of the world's top cities. There's the Wimbledon polo and St. Pauli shorts for the sporty men and the Cooper cropped jacquard jacket which pairs elegantly with the long flowing silk Cortland skirt, inspired by the 19th century Victorian travellers, for the women. Various blues were accented with espresso, chanterelle, grass green and antique gold. Metallic sparkle, meshed and woven, reminds us of the glittering possibilities of travel. For me the presentation was a great start, I love cashmere and the pieces looked so beautiful yet soft and comfy.