Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pendleton/ THE PORTLAND COLLECTION Fall/Winter 2012

THE PORTLAND COLLECTION was launched in fall/winter 2011 and slated to emphasize Made in America. It brings to life the vision of three dynamic, young Portland-based designers who share a 'strong love of independent fashion (...)'. PENDLETON, THE PORTLAND COLLECTION takes a fresh perspective of iconic textiles as seen through the eyes of a group of talented young creatives who call Portland home. With an emphasis on Made in the USA, these exclusive designs reflect a new sense of style inspired by the tradition of Pendleton’s quality and craftsmanship, and the pioneering spirit of the Pacific Northwest. The Harding jacquard pattern, an anchor for Pendleton blankets for decades, serves as the inspiration for many of the new pieces that will carry the label. Nathaniel Crissman, Design Team/ Portland Collection: “We’ve aimed to create a sophisticated and modern line using authentic Pendleton fabrics; our intent is to make it exciting, wearable and relevant.”