Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Look Amazing in Photographs

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but you still want to make sure that picture says something good about you. It depends a lot on your ability to be photogenic, the ability to portray yourself attractively and photos. It's a real skill and a photogenic person needn’t be the most attractive person ever. There are a lot of different aspects that make a good picture, but here are several ways you can ensure the next picture of you will be a great one:

  • Clothing – Wearing the right clothes helps to present yourself in a way that highlights your assets. The color of clothing can affect a photograph; patterns can be too much, horizontal stripes widen your appearance, and wearing a single tone can cause you to appear bland. Closely spaced prints or stripes can create a weird appearance as well. When it comes to photographs solids and neutrals look the best, but also consider what colors complement your complexion. This applies to hair color as well.
  • Personal Care – Keep personal grooming tips in mind when taking photographs. Makeup appears more intense in most photos and there are special rules and techniques in photo modeling that are different than just looking nice in person. Makeup can hide skin redness and blemishes. Sweat can accumulate on the face and create overly shiny skin. Look into a light to close your pupils and avoid red eye. Remember to brush your hair to keep it looking good as well.
  • Eliminating the Double Chin – Keep your head slightly tilted up and try to keep the camera at or above eye level. This will hide a double chin.
  • Keep a Straight Face – When taking a photograph trying keeping your face in the state of equilibrium; the relaxed face that you hold all the time. This will help create a natural, relaxed look. Also, understand which poses and angles work best to convey a good appearance. You can practice in front of a mirror so it comes naturally.
  • Relaxed Posture – Having a good posture can greatly improve appearance, both in photographs and in general. You will look healthier and more alert, but it's also important to look relaxed. Often, nervous people have odd expressions and look stiff in photographs. Try for a relaxed closed-mouth smile or a smile with the lower lip relaxed and down.
  • Create a Great Smile – Often, smiling in a photograph can be forced and look unnatural. Try thinking of happy thoughts such as a loved one or a funny situation to get a genuine smile. Also, try smiling at the right time so you don't have to hold it for very long.

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