Friday, March 9, 2012

Review HiFi New Areas

Here are some videos from Bread & Butter in Berlin which took place from January 18-20. I paid the tradeshow for selected brands a visit of course and discovered a few fresh trends for fall/winter 2012 and also many new and old brands which I'll introduce or talk about in upcoming posts. This time the Bread & Butter theme was 'High Fidelity' and the whole campaign centered around it. The tradeshow expanded with new areas which are presented in the videos. Enjoy!

TREASURY: All about accessories!

TREASURY from BREAD & butter on Vimeo.

FIRE DEPT. at L.O.C.K.: Pure goods based on a pure attitude by real people united at the new FIRE DEPT.

FIRE DEPT. from BREAD & butter on Vimeo.

D.O.C.K.: Not everybody will board the ship – there will only be first-class tickets.