Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arpenteur now available at La Belle Échoppe

La Belle Échoppe added the young French brand Arpenteur to their selection. For Arpenteurs first collection, the people at La Belle Échoppe chose a complete wardrobe composed of a jacket, a pair of trousers, a pair of shorts and a shirt. Each item is available in several colours. On the accessories side, you will also be able to find a belt made of natural leather that is built to last, as we can expect coming from these lovers of vintage and beautifully crafted products. It will take on a beautiful colour with time that will depend on your personal use of it. Passionate by French clothing with a very important attention to historic details and practical use, the duo behind the Arpenteur brand, Laurent Bourven and Marc Asseily have came up with an amazing collection of garments baring great quality as well as cuts thought to match contemporary tastes. Of course, everything is designed and crafted in France. On you can see more details of the pieces... oh and shop them of course!