Monday, March 12, 2012

032c WORKSHOP presents 'Solution 246: Mythcraft'

032c WORKSHOP / Joerg Koch present “Solution 246: Mythcraft,” in which a chapter from the latest edition in the Solution Series, Solution 239-246, Finland: The Welfare Game, is exhibited behind a selection of mythological artifacts discussed in the book. Architects, artists and theorists propose solutions for Finland's future by presenting artifacts from a constructed mythology. From Tom of Finland's subversive homoerotica to Bill Drummond's fabled Kalevala Records to outsider 'ITE' art and beyond, the exhibit Solution 246: Mythcraft elucidates the northern country’s modern history as a nation under construction, proposing that its identity remain a malleable myth. "As we imagine it, we will build it. As we shape it, it will mold us. If we trust it, it will work." The exhibition was conceived by architect Martti Kalliala with writer and curator Jenna Sutela and architect Tuomas Toivonen – the authors of Solution Finland – and Ingo Niermann – the editor of the Solutions Series. The exhibition will be on from March 14th until March 29th, 2012, at 032c Workshop, Brunnenstr. 11, 10119 Berlin. For more visit