Monday, February 27, 2012

RUFFIAN Fall 2012

New York-based label Ruffian presented their fall 2012 collection during New York Fashion Week this month. Brian Wolk and Claude Morais, the designers behind Ruffian, define style as a juxtaposition between the improvised and the studied and the duality also showed in their latest collection 'A Concerto for Two'. The collection's visual dialogue began while the designers were viewing bronze sculptures of Henry Moore set against the backdrop of English estates. The poetic co-inhabitance of formality and modernism struck a chord, which resonated deep within Claude and Brian. The collection follows the journey of the modern woman's need for both for warmth and familiarity as well as cool razor sharp tailoring through the merging of like textiles in different scales in one garment, the exploration of painterly verses digital plaids and the black and bronze metallic leathers tailored in to Neo-Victorian shapes.