Monday, January 9, 2012

María Reyes kisses us in Black and White

King Peter Vodka and Maria Reyes teamed up for an exclusive video titled 'Cinèma'. The provocative video has been inspired by the 1920's, the time of the Charleston dance, and shows the Spanish singer/model Maria Reyes singing, dancing and acting - a mix of choreographies and sexy attitudes. The video speaks about love, the love that everybody has seen on the big screen productions of black and white movies. Love in every aspect, fun, free and sexual. 'Cinèma' has been composed by Emmanuelle Lehma, a musician and artist that has worked with Carlos Jean, Rosario Flores and Nawja Nimri and was produced by NewAttitude Productions. King Peter Vodka is a very exclusive vodka which is distilled five times to ensure its flavour and scent will be conserved. Its raw material comes from Dankowskie gold rye which can only be cultivated in plains in Poland.