Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cheap Monday Spring/Summer 2012

With their spring/summer 2012 collection Cheap Monday is looking back upon a time when our parents were young and a new generation was turning the older generations' concepts and ideas on its head. They celebrate and focus on a period when groundbreaking new ideas were perceived with a deadpan seriousness and where the irony of today was unheard of. This was an idealistic time where naïveté was considered de rigueur, a compassionate climate that stands in stark contrast to the present, with soft values that modern day cynics frown upon as utopian thinking. They've been inspired by the concept of living alternative lives, celebrating the collective and valuing idealism – a nostalgic and romantic setting for SS12. The sweetness of youth and the innocence of a first romance sets the tone for the colours – based on a palette of Polaroid nuances with bold touches of orange, royal blue and mint. The youthful feeling runs through the laced pieces, both knit and woven, and the A-line shaped pieces with the key look being the tunic – worn either with bare legs or with wide-legged trousers. Mens, womens and denim collections features functional and decorative eyelets and plexiglass details referring to bold ideas and new materials. The denim portrays a classic touch – wide legs, cropped lengths and strong indigo are featured. Denim washes are moderate to light and combined with pleated styles and soft chino inspired overdyes.