Thursday, January 12, 2012

Badge Makes Art

I discovered Welsh artist Badge via Twitter and as I have thing for art that others might find disturbing I decided to feature some of Badge's work on The Good, The Bad and The Divine. According to the artist himself his work is a mix of his own memories, experiences and fears together with visions from his nightmares, images culled from popular culture, music, literature and his current obsessions, theories and ideas. Badge has always had trouble sleeping and nightmares plagued him when he was a child. Insomnia has led to an inability to tell dream and reality apart. As he got older the nightmares stopped but the insomnia didn't and he finds himself constantly thinking and unable to switch off. His work is driven by a compulsion to draw and an attempt to recreate the contents of his head and try to make sense of it. Anatomy and fear are two of his biggest inspirations and his fascination with them manifests itself in the vast majority of his work.
With his work Badge is currently exploring the urban legend of dolls being able to come to life at night, an irrational fear that played a large role in his childhood nightmares, aided by the popularity of films like 'Child's Play' and his own over active imagination. Looking back as an adult he began to apply science and logic to these fears and discovered the theory about Barbie's. It's been determined that due to Barbie's disproportionate figure if she were real she would die instantly, so he began to investigate this idea by transferring a human skeleton onto a Barbie and sure enough he struggled with the proportions. It kickstarted a series of 'doll autopsies' using medical science to quell his childhood fear of dolls and also to examine to ideas of beauty, childhood hope/fears, mortality, death and life that we project onto dolls.
The images you'll find below are from a series called 'Down at the bottom of the garden'. Badge photographed the dolls on a sunny day wandering through a garden, it was a nod to films like 'Stepford Wives' and 'The Virgin Suicides' where everything is not as it seems under that perfect facade. If you like to see more of Badge's work then visit his page or his blog