Thursday, December 15, 2011


German-French label AUGUSTIN TEBOUL produced a short image film in collaboration with profashional films. Birgit Eipper, Executive Director of profashional films GmbH, about the project: "To portrait the image of AUGUSTIN TEBOUL we wanted to find a surrealistic approach which transports the key attributes of the label and how they see themselves: feminine, elegant and decadent but at the same time rock'n' roll, absurd, disturbing. The film unites these contradictions on a narrative and visual level: Disturbed beauty. In this case disturbing also means confusion, loss of space and time. To achieve that, we staged two models of different age who get lost between reality and illusion and have to face their alter ego. The film is leaving room for the viewer’s own interpretation on purpose - what's real and what's not? It also asks the question in the end, if everything might have been just an illusion. Overall, we painted a comittment to extravagance. Since that's what AUGUSTIN TEBOUL stands for." Enjoy the film!

AUGUSTIN TEBOUL - Image Movie from Silk Relations on Vimeo.