Friday, November 18, 2011

Joe's Video Release - Two Strangers, One Train Car and a Colorful Pursuit‏

Joe's released its Fifty Five Colors video short and takes the colored denim trend to new heights this Holiday season. The brand highlights the Skinny denim collection's full spectrum of colors from bright tones to muted pastels and beyond. Famed photographer Tao Ruspoli captures the frenzy that women experience when faced with such a vast colour assortment. In the artistic short, two girls wearing Joe's coloured denim - one in a vibrant colour and the other in a softer shade - board a vintage train car. Once in the sleeper car, one passenger opens her suitcase displaying her bright coloured Joe's skinny jeans. She indecisively picks through her candy colored denim options as her fellow passenger looks on secretly coveting all of the bold color choices. Exhausted from going through her options, the passenger decides to take a rest amidst a bed of colored denim. The on-looking passenger seizes her opportunity and darts out with as many jeans as she can carry. After a short rest, she awakens tofind her denim missing and takes off in a colorful pursuit. For more visit