Wednesday, November 23, 2011

jac5 Official Launch‏

There's a new underwear brand for men out there: jac5. It has been founded by James A Christopher ('JAC') who identified a void in the men's underwear market: quality, style and comfort were in decline. His solution - create his own! He saw an opportunity to develop a premium, modern luxury underwear brand for men that was comfortable and stylish but one that also had a keen sense of humour. Jim's philosophy is that it’s important to have fun in life which is reflected in everything jac5 does. The ‘brand identity’ is driven by Jim’s 5 much loved and incredibly spoilt pet Jack Russell terriers whose personality traits are being loyal, super smart and at times barking mad. These traits have been a guiding influence in all that jac5 has created. jac5 has three product collections: LOYAL – stylish, casual, comfortable everyday underwear; SUPERSMART – designed for suiting up and dressing for success; BARKING MAD – their fashion collection. Colourful, stylish and a just that little bit quirky. In tune with progressive, successful men, the jac5 underwear brand is a premium product that delivers comfort and style for a true essential in any man’s life - his underwear. Their premium positioning is infused in all of the brand’s touch points - from its expertly engineered product design, to using the finest fabrics and manufacturing, through to its online identity, packaging, social content and retail concept store that showcases a modern fusion of art and undies. jac5 is contemporary and presents a fresh understanding of modern luxury, while at the same time not taking life too seriously. jac5 underwear has been fine tuned with extraordinary detail: trunks, briefs and boxers with sophisticated, super soft, laser cut waistbands, superior stitching and premium fabrics that are designed to flatter the pouch and the bum (just the way the ladies like it!). jac5 is the thinking man’s solution to all that isn’t quite right with what is available in today’s marketplace: itchy waistbands, uncomfortable fits, mediocre manufacturing and products with a short life span and no sex appeal. We have seen the problems and we are providing the solution. For them delivering on both form and function is key. For more visit (and for my female readers: James Magnussen the brand ambassador of jac5 won GQ's Breakthrough Man of the Year and there are photos of him only wearing jac5 underwear on the website ;-))