Monday, October 31, 2011

BRICS launching November 1st‏

BRICS is a new Danish brand that will launch on November 1st. BRICS originates from the philosophic notion of bricolage, which focuses on the ability to sculpt and assemble components and think across the existing and new. In it's core BRICS is the option that actualizes into reality in order to create a unique identity. There is no given formula - the infinite possibilities lie within the individual. BRICS obliterates the distinction between the unit and entirety and drifts towards individuality where every brick has its own place in the grand narrative. BRICS is built upon interpretations of the essential cornerstones of the wardrobe. Clothing is the veneer that reflects the individual behind - like an evanescent wall that can be demolished and rebuilt. The collections are constructed upon the perception that every brick is indispensable and serves to the total impression. The simplicity in design and silhouette enables the diversity in use. The simple and diverse allows the individual to be creative and experimental in the wide range between classic and contemporary. It all comes down to the styling of proportions, texture and colours to complement the wearer. More on which will hopefully be fully accessible soon...

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