Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ralph Lauren Collection Spring/Summer 2012

For spring/summer 2012 Ralph Lauren got inspired by the 1920's which were also called the Golden or Roaring Twenties the era of jazz music, flappers and Art Deco. The flappers redefined modern womanhood back then and wore shorts skirts, bobbed their hair and smoke and drank ergo were the enfant terribles of their time. Ralph Lauren isn't exactly known for provocating with his fashion so his take on the typical flapper style is rather modest and unmistakably Ralph Lauren. White is the dominating colour in this collection and the other colours used are light pastel tones. Some pieces come with a restrained floral pattern while others are adorned with feathers. The mix of masculine and feminine and the use of metallic shining fabrics make for a very elegant collection. Ralph Lauren's excellent tailoring became visible in the sharp cut blazers that were combined with very wide legged trousers. The collection will arrive the stores when the remake of 'The Great Gatsby' will hit the movie theatres - the man has a feeling for good timing.