Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DENIM WEEKS in Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village

Yesterday I spent a really cool afternoon in Ingolstadt Village - an outlet village close to Munich - where they have Denim Weeks going on from September 05 until September 17, 2011. Themed "Denim and blue" Ingolstadt Village and Wertheim Village which is close to Frankfurt am Main are dressed in a cool denim look for the next two weeks. In addition to spectacular offerings there are also numerous humorous and artistic activities around the subject "Jeans". You have the chance to become a CK Jeans live model by turning into a mannequin and you will get 1% off for each minute you stand in the CK Jeans store window. Or you can pimp your jeans by adorning it with studs, rhinestones, colour or a personal embroidery. I got an embroidery of my initials on my new Levi's. In Wertheim Village is a Young Art Project with denim boxes that contain art installations of creative students. Berlin street artist David Gnad will show "Tape Art" during a live act in Wertheim Village. In Ingolstadt Village you can participate in a photo shoot with two well-built male models and get a sexy souvenir to remember your shopping trip. Aside from these specials there will be further highlights and promotions. But also if there are not Denim Weeks going on in the Villages they're worth checking out because you can really make great bargains on designer clothes. From Monday to Saturday the Shopping Express brings guests from Munich to Ingolstadt Village and from Frankfurt to Wertheim Village. So if you happen to be either in Munich or Frankfurt take your time to make a shopping trip.