Friday, August 12, 2011

TRIWA Fall/Winter 2011

With their fall/winter 2011 collection the rebellious design collective of TRIWA returned to their Swedish roots by looking at the beginnings of the minimalistic Scandinavian designs. As experience shows less is often more and so TRIWA's new watch collection has been significantly inspired by the Zeitgeist of the 60's in Sweden. At this time everything else but chairs named Sven have been associated with the country but rather much more daring design, depraved living and exceptional social changes. The result is a series of watches which is dealing with different phenomena of the 60's like gaily coloured clogs or the Volvo classic P1800. So the models come in bright colours which are combined with earthy tones. This contrast is also reflected in the use of different materials: cold steel is united with hand cut acetate or leather from an organic tannery in Tärnsjö. As an inspiration to the new models Swedish photo artist Fredrik Ödmann created a series of motifs of imaginative mythical creatures following the TRIWA motto 'ADDING COLOUR'.