Monday, August 15, 2011

"Remember Tolerance"

CONTRIBUTED gallery in Berlin is hosting an exhibition named "Remember Tolerance" showing photos and videos that have been shot at the last MICHALSKY StyleNite in July 2011. The theme of the last MICHALSKY StyleNite was 'Tolerance', designer Michael Michalsky has been inspired by Angela Merkel's statement Multiculturalism has failed and showed a collection which picks up different, multicultural styles. The exhibition shows the collection from another facet - the making of it's presentation. Pictures of the fitting and casting of the models, the backstage preparations, the moments of waiting, show a concentrated yet poetical world. They convey an emotional closeness with an energy that goes off afterwards on the runway. Photographer Martin Diepold accompanied Michael Michalsky and his team for four days. His photos give an insight in the complete process, introduce the protagonists, tell little stories - a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Very personal moments are captured in the photos of theatre and portrait photographer Dorothea Tuch. The contrasty black-and-white impressions transport the tension and intensity before the show. Photographer and filmmaker Peter Grosslaub asked guests and participants to form an "M" with their hands thus creating an interaction with the fashion designer. The final version of the video, whose trailer has been running with great success on YouTube, will be shown for the first time in the gallery. Lyricist, dramatist and magazine maker Johannes Finke approaches the theme 'Tolerance' on the text level. In subtle, ironic and provocative sentences, that are running as lettering through the whole gallery, he is questioning the rules of fashion, society and politics. Of course the complete video of the MICHALSKY fashion show will be shown as well.
The exhibition opens on August 25 and runs until September 21, 2011.

Strausberger Platz 16
10243 Berlin