Thursday, August 4, 2011

Markus Lupfer presents Fashion Film starring Florence Welch and Irina Lazareanu

Markus Lupfer asked filmmaker Tabitha Denholm to produce his first fashion film for his upcoming resort collection 2012. Denholm, who's a good friend of the designer and already a big fan of the collection, transformed Lupfer's characteristic ironic disrespect into a comical yet stylish screenplay. Her inspiration for that was a BBC documentary from the 60's about the human body and mind and the ability to change people's perception. The mockumentary "The Puzzle of the Mysterious Mind" invites the viewer into the laboratory of Doctor Lupfer, played by actress Margo Stilley who makes scientifical studies of various whimsical characters together with her technician (Gary Card). So e.g. Sadie Frost is playing 'The Asymmetric' a neurotic who obsessively fights everything symmetrical. Florence Welch, singer of cult band 'Florence and the Machine' is 'The Hoarder' who can't disassociate from her pile of hoarded clothes and Jan de Villeneuve and Liddie Holt represent, caught in a permanent flow of words, the flashy typus 'The Monologist'.

Here's an overview of all characters:
Valentine Fillol-Cordier as 'The Chronic Introvert'
Mary Charteris as 'Out of Focus'
Sadie Frost as 'The Asymmetric'
Irina Lazareanu as 'The Globophobe'
Florence Welch as 'The Hoarder'
Jan de Villeneuve and Liddie Holt as 'The Monologists'

Markus Lupfer's new collection focuses on his signatures: stripes and sequins in bright primary colors like green, yellow, red, blue, white and black. Unusual accessory motives made of sequins like sunglasses tucked into the collar or bumbags on sweaters can be found as well as prints of cats and bunnies which were drawn by hand. For the basic styles fabrics like tweed in denim-look or piping of elastic tape have been used. Aside from sweaters and cardigans the collection includes a biker jacket, shorts and a cocktail dress.

Here's the movie

Puzzle of the Mysterious Mind / Markus Lupfer Resort 2012 from Partizan Darkroom on Vimeo.