Monday, July 25, 2011

Body Art?

Most of us consider pierced belly buttons, eyebrows, nipples, lips and tongues as well as tattoos all over your body as an acceptable form of body art. Pierced earlobes and cool nose rings are so common these days that mostly you won't even perceive them as foreign bodies in a persons face or body. Only if you really think about it you'll notice them as a decoration of the body. For some people in this world this form of decoration just isn't enough and they need to find new extremes to get noticed. Piercings and body paintings have been around for millennia and have been used by ancient tribes to distinguish themselves from other tribes and in our modern times various subcultures like punk, goth, emo, etc. are using piercing and tattoos to distinguish themselves from the mainstream and other subcultures. But is there really a need to be so different to the rest of the world that you need do this to your body?