Monday, June 27, 2011

Veronique Branquinho for Marie Jo L'Aventure 2011-12‏

Belgian lingerie brand Marie Jo L'Aventure releases a capsule collection in collaboration with designer Veronique Branquinho who's been invited to create a complete but compact collection for inclusion in Marie Jo L'Aventure's fall/winter 2011/12 collection. The result is a refined line stamped with the unmistakable signature of this Belgian designer. 'Veronique Branquinho for Marie Jo L'Aventure' is bathed in a 1950s ambience and infused with a sense of couture, in terms of both materials and design, with transparent pieces in tulle, grosgrain and plissées exuding pure luxury. The body has a deep rounded back reminiscent of extravagant evening dresses which is the eye-catcher in the collection, alongside the 'demi-corps' bra, the high briefs and the corset. A flexible, skin-friendly material was developed for the straps with the same look as grosgrain, a rather rigid material used in haute couture. The look and feel of satin silk was also matched with a micro-fibre that looks like a satin duchesse. The collection comes in a mysterious emerald and a timeless onyx, two precious stones that only intensify the feeling of couture. For her collection, Veronique Branquinho took inspiration from the women depicted by such old masters as Cranach, Giorgione, Raphael and Dürer. A conception that often runs counter to the contemporary slim beauty ideal yet nevertheless radiates pure sensuality. Branquinho selected from her favourite Eves and Venuses by the masters, had them reproduced and painted lingerie from her collection over the naked bodies. The colours - emerald and onyx - are also inspired by the palette of these masters. 'Veronique Branquinho for Marie Jo L'Aventure' will be available in specialty lingerie boutiques commencing mid September 2011.