Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TRIWA SHADES – Sunglasses for the Anti-Heroes of today

The TRIWA 'Watch-Rebels' have struck once again: With TRIWA SHADES they present their first collection of sunglasses this summer and thus extend their typical colourful and iconic design for a new accessory. The collection is fresh and unusual but at the same time flirting with classic styles. There's deliberately no citing of the classic, masculine models like Wayfarer or Aviator but instead the first TRIWA SHADES named Hangovers, Hobos and Homies pay tribute to the unpretentious anti-heroes of today and therefore make the sunglasses the perfect accessory for every situation in life. TRIWA sticks to its motto 'Adding Colour' and uses distinctive colour accents for the different styles without appearing flashy. Each one of the sunglasses embodies an individual style and emphasizes the personality of the wearer. The frames of the sunglasses are made of high-quality, handcut acetate and come with quality glasses by Carl Zeiss. The three models Hangovers, Hobos and Homies are each available in three different colours in a limited edition. You can get them on triwa.com