Monday, June 13, 2011

La Belle Échoppe

FrenchTrotters and teamed up to op La Belle Échoppe - an online boutique entirely dedicated to 'Made in France' products. They're offering a carefully curated selection of well crafted products and you will find bags by Bleu de Chauffe, basque espadrilles by Don Quichosse, grooming accessories from Thiers Issard, Breton sailor's shirt by Le Minor, FrenchTrotters shirts, combs and shoehorns crafted by L'atelier de la Licorne or Institut Très Bien Cologne. A choice of stationery, kitchenware and other accessories complete the selection. They also have a blog section that's dedicated to highlight the history and craftsmanship behind each product, as well as to respond to the questions of increasingly conscious customers sensible to the manufacturing quality and the fabrics used. Visit to check out the lovely selection and to get some French inspiration.