Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tiger of Sweden Jeans Denim Moves

The denim line of Swedish fashion label Tiger of Sweden presents their new project 'Denim Moves'. It's their third collaboration with Swedish rising artists and after the interpretation of the denim theme in the genres film and music it's now about the art of dancing. The focus of the project are the two currently available jeans styles 'Slender' for women and 'Pistolero' for men. Challenge for the dancers was to interpret a track by Swedish musician Kornél Kováks that has been composed specifically for the Denim Moves with their own dance moves. Equipped with the jeans, a total of eleven artists in nine choreographies revived the 'Denim Moves' in very different ways. Due to the different backgrounds and styles of the dancers a wide range of dance-ability and exciting images was created for one and the same point of departure. On you can watch the result of the individual realisations of the artists and dance styles. The videos are very stylish and the track sounds really cool and gets you into a dance mood. The denim styles shown in 'Dance Moves' are available in the Tiger of Sweden online shop