Wednesday, April 27, 2011

VACCI Resort Collection 2011

Mexican label VACCI's resort collection 2011 is named 'SOFTWEST' and inspired by the elements of cowboy clothing applied to the current trend and needs of women today. What makes the cowboy inspiration really interesting here is the fact that designer Valeria Villareal avoided the obvious and conventional and didn't use leather, denim or plaid patterns which we all usually associate with cowboy inspired clothes. The collection tells the story of a woman that goes to the city leaving behind rural life. She is known for being passionate, independent, adventurous and very feminine. VACCI is known for their feminine clothes so the key garments in this collection are blouses, skirts, vests and dresses with details like V-necks, strips, ruffles, belts and transparencies that come in bright colours that are a signature of the brand. More on