Wednesday, April 27, 2011


OriginalEskimo has been founded in 2010 is the result of a collaboration between the Belgian underwear producer Eskimo and the European streetwear distributor ICC Distribution which is one of the key players in streetfashion and is based in the beautiful old Eskimo factory in Ghent, Belgium. OriginalEskimo creates basics - items that everyone needs - but theirs look way cooler than the pieces that are usually labeled basic and are stripped off of unnecessary decoration so that they remain elegant and classy. The T-shirts, sweaters, bodies, underwear, socks, leggings, dresses, tops and swimwear are manufactured with qualitative fresh cotton and are the result of the high production standards that their partner Eskimo has set since 1906. OriginalEskimo's pieces are inspired by youth, music and indie culture but there's also respect for the great heritage of the Eskimo clothing, for example through the colours like charcoal, sunburned yellow, yarne-dyed white and navy. So their overall message is to enjoy today with a hint of yesterday. For more visit