Sunday, April 24, 2011

Konstantin Grcic's 'Black2' at 032c Workshop

032c Workshop presents Konstantin Grcic's 'Black2', an exhibition devoted entirely to one formal presence in product design: that of the black square. The industrial designer has selected fifty disparate products - from a BASF audiocassette tape to a Chanel bag to an iPhone chip - each of which fits under that monolithic visual category. It is a form that has permeated millennia of cultural history, but what all its incarnations share is their artificiality: absent from the natural world, the black square is the icon of human creation. The exhibition starts April 26 and runs until June 05, 2011. For more visit

Furthermore 032c will donate all proceeds from the sale of any copy of
032c magazine ordered from now until the release of their new summer issue to the Japanese RED CROSS in support of those affected by the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunami. So if you missed their latest release or have ever wanted to complete your collection with a back issue, now is the time to act!