Tuesday, April 12, 2011

House of Boing

What would happen if your clothes had a life of their own? This is what Vienna-based label House of Boing is experimenting with - trying to add kinetics to their clothes to remind you of the curiosity and excitement you've experienced most strongly in childhood. Designer Sandra Bamminger aims to fashion objects and environments that re-connect the wearer to that childlike enthusiasm, the instant reaction to new and exciting objects and activities that a majority of adults have lost somewhere along the way. House of Boing is playing with the interaction and relation between wearers and their clothing and the result is a mix of custome and fashion which is exactly what makes the moving clothes so suitable to dramatizing character's traits in performances and dance. To experiment further with this House of Boing has worked together with various artists and performers to create collaborative works in site-specific projects, installations, environments, film work, fashion shows and exhibitions. The photos below give you an impression of the fantastic work Sandra Bamminger is doing but to experience the moving clothes yourself you need to put them on - all clothes can be bought or hired. More on houseofboing.com

Photos: Erik Bont, Model: Laura Cuenca Serrano, Makeup: Marlen Leni Prasse, Hair: Dado Crnalcic

Photos: Alive Photography Martin Kargl

Photos: Verena Mandragora Ritzengruber, Model: Ayo Olaogun, Makeup: Marion Pail