Sunday, April 17, 2011

Her Morning Elegance Gallery launch the first global excision art project

In 2009 the 'Her Morning Elegance' music video was released and since then it has been viewed on YouTube for over 18 million times, making it a pop culture phenomenon. I was nominated for a Grammy in 2010 under the best short music video category. 'Her Morning Elegance' was created using stop motion photography technique with 2096 still photographs, shot and sequenced to create the feeling of motion. The clip was created by artists from various fields of art including singer and director Oren Lavie, photographer Eyal Landesman and co-directors and animators Yuval and Michal Nathan. After going from stills to motion the artist have decided to break the motion back into its still form and the photos are now exhibited online on where you can browse, choose and purchase single edition high quality prints of each one of the 2096 frames taken. Hundreds of frames have already been sold across North America and Europe as well as South Korea, Japan, Australia, UK, Brazil, Singapore, Israel and more. When all the photographs are sold, a singular video will have been split 2096 ways across the globe. It's a great opportunity if you like to get a piece of art, music and photographic history and enjoy it in your home, office or gallery.